Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Hugs and Three Hours Talks

Conscience: 'Apparently you were in an awful mood last Sunday.'
Me: 'Anong paki mo? Seriously.'
Conscience: 'I was just asking. Wanted to know if I could help.'
Me: 'Help? No one can help. Everyone just makes it worse.'

Seriously. I hate it when people try to cheer me up because they know that I am feeling so bad. There is nothing you can do about my mood swings. There is nothing you can do to make me happy about the fact that someone is such a jerk. There is nothing you can do to make the person change his or her mind about this whole situation. And there is nothing you can do to make me tell myself to snap out of this mood. The only thing you can do is to shut up and never mention this to me again.

Conscience: 'At least Miko called you last Friday night.'
Me: 'I missed him.'
Conscience: 'Why'd you ignore him for so long?'
Me: 'Something so petty.'

Miko and I had our usual three hour talk. We ended up saying good-night to each other at around 2AM of Saturday. Some kind of good-night that was. I think the last time I talked to him for three hours was like two months ago. I found it hilarious that in the span of two months our friends are now our not-really-friends-but-not-enemies, we've changed our minds about school, the way we see things has now changed, we settle arguments in a totally new way and we don't go around cursing as much. I love the fact that Miko stays up to talk to me when I feel like it. Nah, I love the fact that he gave me a Harry Potter shirt.  Real friends give their friends Harry Potter shirts! <3

Conscience: You got to see Corina.'
Me: 'We watched Breaking Dawn together.'
Conscience: 'Tell me about it.'
Me: 'We love Jacob Black.'

Corina and I got to watch Breaking Dawn last Wednesday. Honestly, I was so happy to watch it that I didn't care if it was boring or not. Yes, I found it totally boring 'cause all they were doing was making out. Corina loves it when people make out so she wasn't really bored. The movie became interesting because of the cute little wolves. I cannot wait for next year when they release the second part of the movie. After the movie, I dragged Corina to McDo and then to Starbucks. Tried to out her awesome camera she doesn't know how to use while she tried out my Mac.

Conscience: 'What's up with Ada?'
Me: 'She is still into Les Miserables.'
Conscience: 'Are you into it?'
Me: 'I only know one song from it.'

This whole week, Ada kept asking me, 'Tita Anna, have your dreams ever been put to death?' I tried to escape her question by asking her if her dreams have ever been put to death. Unlucky me, Ada's dreams have never been out to death. What a lucky girl. I realized that yes, my dreams have been put to death at least once in my entire life. I ended up telling Ada that even if our dreams are put to death, we shouldn't allow that to keep us from achieving our dreams. 

Conscience: 'Tea just loves giving you hugs!'
Me: 'I am not really into hugs. But how can I refuse one from a cute little person?'
Conscience: 'Anna has a soft spot for kids.'
Me: 'Only for Ada, Tea and Gusto.'

Tea just likes giving me these random hugs. I have to admit that they do feel good. Never really appreciated hugs before until this little kid started giving them to me. The funniest thing happened. She got  hold of my crayons and started to draw and draw and draw. After each drawing, she would hand me her finished product and tell me to take a picture of it. I know that she gave me the drawings, but I seriously have no idea where I kept them. Bad Tita Anna! 

Conscience: 'Gusto still amazes you with his skills.'
Me: He eats so much! I've never seen a baby eat as much as he does.'
Conscience: 'Tickle Zombie!'
Me: 'That what he thinks I am.'

We've invented some fun games. Whenever we drink something, he hold up his glass to me and says, 'Cheers!' I've got to do the same or else he won't put his glass down. I've started wearing these Silly Bandz. He pulls one out and says, 'Peeeeeees?' Gusto'll wear them for a few minutes and then hand it back to me. If I don't let him wear it, he doesn't stop saying 'Peeeeeees.' A few weeks ago, Ada found out that I get tickled a lot. She started tickling me. Gusto saw that. Now, Gusto tickles me almost everyday. He doesn't really tickle me. He just pokes me and says, 'Tickle! Tickle!' So freaking cute!

Conscience: 'So you're thinking of getting another piercing.'
Me: 'It's not complete yet!'
Conscience: 'How many more until you stop?'
Me: 'Dunno.'

Since I've decided not to get a tattoo for now, I'm back to wanting another piercing. Of course, my mom will be against this. Papa won't really care. I just gotta have the money and the time and I'll be able to have it done. Am scared to get it because I'm planning to have a haircut soon. People who cut hair don't care about this piercing business. It hurts like h*ll when they accidentally get the comb or the brush stuck in the piercing.

Conscience: 'What made you not want to get a tattoo?'
Me: 'Yet.'
Conscience: 'Yet.'
Me: 'Something.'

A lot of things. I don't have the time. I don't know how to get one without my mom finding out. I don't have the money yet. I don't want the pain.  I seriously do not want the pain. If tattoos didn't hurt, I would have a million tattoos by now. But no, they hurt. And JM tells me that it really hurts. So I'm like, 'Maybe I'll get one when I can deal with the pain.'

Conscience: 'Back to my first question.'
Me: 'What? Am sleepy.'
Conscience: 'What happened last Sunday?'
Me: 'Nothing. I went to church.'

Bad trip.

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