Saturday, December 10, 2011

Calling It Quits


Kudos to you! You're getting so much undeserved flak for what happened a few days ago. I don't blame you for what you did though I got dragged into this pathetic situation. I don't necessarily agree with the means you used to get your message across, yet I do agree that it's time for people to wake up and see things without bias. Though the means was wrong, I admire you for standing for what you think is the truth. You never let other people bully you into saying what they want to hear or doing what they want you to do. You really do have a mind of your own. And you have reasons for everything that you do.

It saddens me that people do not believe you or they think that you are out to ruin someone's reputation. They interpret your care and concern as anger and judgment. It saddens me. But maybe they do that because you show that you care for a person by being angry when wrong befalls them. Your protective instincts tell you to care by being angry. I wish other people understood that. Less misunderstandings would happen. 

 I am not on your side nor do I claim that you know the whole truth. I just listen to what you have to say. When you vent, I calm you down. If you're angry, I try to help you process things. There are days when you are really happy and I am glad you have those days. I'd like you to know that you have never brain washed me into your own way of thinking. You have never forced your opinions on me. So do not be discouraged when people tell you that I am the way I am because of you. 

I used to trust you. I went to you because I trusted you with my secrets. I was only asking for advice. You did give me really sound advice. And I thank you for doing that. What you shouldn't have done was tell the person concerned that I had asked you for advise. You should have just kept it to yourself and died with that secret. What's the use of asking for advice when you went ahead and told the person involved about what I was planning to do?

Why did you change the words? I know exactly what I said when I wrote you a note to ask you what to do. You told the person involved a rather harsh interpretation of what I said. I take that against you. It already sucks that you squealed on me. If you were planning to squeal on me, you should have at least used the right words and should not have added or taken away parts of the story.

I used to look up to you. I thought you were the wisest person on the planet. I thought that you really were a role model. I thought that you would be someone I could run to when I needed help or when I had a question about my faith. But after what happened, I think that your values, morals, reasons and loyalty is questionable. Answers aren't enough to help me understand what you did and why you chose to do that.
Quits. As of today, I no longer have to worry about you. You are none of my business. And I am none of your business as well. With that said, pray you don't criticize my every move like you've been doing for the past few years. Also, I have no idea why you take things out of context and use my past against my present. Whatever I did in the past does not affect me anymore. So bringing it up to try and haunt me won't work.

I pity you. I pity you because you need so much help but you keep on pushing people away from you. I am glad though that you say you are getting the help you need and you have new friends around you. That's swell. Yet do not go around saying that I was the one who forgot about the friendship. Where were you when I was crying all day? Where were you when I was hurting? Seriously, where were you when I needed you the most?

Will this ever be fixed? I have no idea. Since you seem to think that I am out to get you, I will just let you think what you want to think. I'll just quietly leave the friendship, the community, the things we had in common and the memories we built together. It's hard a hard and painful decision to just walk away from someone I really cared about. I hope you find happiness and joy wherever you go. May you learn how to tolerate the flaws of other people. And maybe one day you'll see that this was the right thing to do.

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