Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blue Hair and Wigs

I am waiting for the rain to stop so that I can walk to Landmark and check out a wig.

When mom picked me up from Makati last January 20, she brought along my order of Manic Panic. I was jumping around the street when I saw that my blue dye had finally arrived. Hell, I spent so much for it and I had a right to be happy that I finally had it. I saved all my Christmas money and had to add some more. So to all those people who gave me money last Christmas, you know where all your money went. It went to this blue dye on my hair.

Act Like Friends

It started with pure boredom.

I found myself back in Makati with too many days to waste doing random things. I didn't want to spend the whole time doing papers and reports while rotting at home trying to figure out life. I normally do not hang out with the people from my school. And the people I know are too lazy to come and visit me. They either live too far from this place or are too busy with life to care. Sometimes they just don't feel like it at all.

And so I was teasing my friend that he should come and visit me since he didn't have classes. We've had this long overdue hang out session. The last time we saw each other was in August or maybe September. I cannot remember anymore. Sure, we kept in touch and fought often, stayed up way too late talking non sense and even got ourselves involved in the problems of other people. We have been friends for approximately a year and three months. Yeah, I keep count 'cause we always thought that this friendship wouldn't happen.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Window

You'll get this if you watch How I Met Your Mother.

She met him while the window was closed.

She walked through the room and he was standing across her. He had a red shirt on. She was wearing a black shirt. She remembers that she prayed to God for him. 'I want him so badly. Would you give him to me? If not him, then maybe a person like him would be nice too,' she prayed. He didn't look like any of the guys she had fallen for in the past. It was his voice that she would never forget. And for around two hours or so, she let herself focus on him and what he was doing and saying and acting out. He was fascinating!

He was introduced to her by her dad. He had this beautiful smile that could only have come from a real joy that he was experiencing. He had an accent that would make one think that he was not from the Philippines. It was as if his eyes could see through minds and hearts and emotions. When he first talked to her, she tried not to look directly into his eyes for she was already falling for him. She hoped that he would not be able to detect a slight change in her voice and actions so that her fascination for him would still be her secret.

Friday, January 13, 2012


I'd just like to remind you how exhausted I am.

I first met Exhaustion when I was a little kid who forgot to take her nap. I'd end up so exhausted and grumpy. I learned never to miss my naps. My next encounter with Exhaustion was in grade school when I stayed up to review for some religion exam the next day. I later learned that that wasn't really Exhaustion. That was just called cramming. The next time I met Exhaustion was when we had to practice everyday for a concert I was dancing in. I know that I had to go to dance practice after school and then dance until twelve midnight. But that's nothing compared to the Exhaustion I feel.

To be exhausted means to be drained of one's physical or mental resources. It means to be very tired. Being exhausted is when you feel so used up. It's is when you are worn out, when you are weary, when you are dead tired or bone tired. Are you ready to drop? Are so totally drained? Are you fatigued? Or are you enervated? Well, I've got news for you. I literally embody the whole essence of being exhausted. I live and breathe exhaustion. Not being exhausted is something that is almost a sin. And just when I think that I can get rid of it, it comes running after me. I have no choice but to give in instead of fighting it and fighting for my rest. I give in because I am too weak to fight it.