Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Act Like Friends

It started with pure boredom.

I found myself back in Makati with too many days to waste doing random things. I didn't want to spend the whole time doing papers and reports while rotting at home trying to figure out life. I normally do not hang out with the people from my school. And the people I know are too lazy to come and visit me. They either live too far from this place or are too busy with life to care. Sometimes they just don't feel like it at all.

And so I was teasing my friend that he should come and visit me since he didn't have classes. We've had this long overdue hang out session. The last time we saw each other was in August or maybe September. I cannot remember anymore. Sure, we kept in touch and fought often, stayed up way too late talking non sense and even got ourselves involved in the problems of other people. We have been friends for approximately a year and three months. Yeah, I keep count 'cause we always thought that this friendship wouldn't happen.

I guess my friend was too bored with his life that he decided that he wanted to meet up with me. Instead of meeting up in Makati and touring him around my school so he could check out girls, we met up in Ortigas. I took the train from Makati to Ortigas and kept laughing at the whole idea. It was so sudden. It wasn't surprising. But we didn't have any plan for that day. It was a Let's-just-meet-up-and-do-whatever kind of a day. I love days like that!

In Ortigas, we stopped for coffee and tried to figure out how we would waste a few hours. As soon as we sat down, he said, 'Let's visit another friend!' We ran out of the coffee shop and got on a bus. This past week, I have taken the train four times, ridden an FX twice and been on a bus two times. What an adventure! Going to that other friend's place was like God-kill-me-now-because-there-are-too-many-steps! I was so happy when I saw an elevator at that other friend's place. I really hate walking!

Much to my dismay, we couldn't hang out at that other friend's place. We went down and stayed at some fast food chain. That other friend ate something and my friend was eating fries. Me? Oh, I was just annoying my friend with my crud comments about his lack of a girlfriend. Of course, he'd get back at me by saying, 'I can just walk out of here and not take you back to Ortigas.' I don't know how to commute. At least, I only know how to ride the train. That shut me up for a while and then we were at it again.

Some of that other friend's friends dropped by. And I knew exactly what they were thinking. I could almost hear them say, 'So who on earth is this girl you're with who has blue and green hair?' I was all set to pretend that I was with one of them until the good part of me told me not to. Wow, I never knew that I actually had a good part! (What the hell is a good part?!)

The other friend wasn't feeling that well and so after around two hours of non stop talking, we sent him home to rest. My friend and I rode the bus back to Ortigas. During the bus ride home, he kept pretending to fall asleep and I would totally panic because I had no idea where to get off. He'd laugh himself crazy and I would give him this really smug look. 

As usual, the talk turned to him and girl when we were back in Ortigas. He would say a name of a girl and I'd give my comments and really stupid ideas of how their relationship would turn out if they were together. It's hilarious how I want him to be with this girl the both of us dislike at the moment, but it would have been a pretty swell thing if they were together. 

And then he dropped the bomb that left me wrecking my brain for a reply.

Him: 'Anna, what if we were together? What if?'
Me: 'You have got to be kidding!'
Him: 'I can't even imagine it. I won't imagine it.'
Me: 'We'd call each other boy friend and girl friend but those titles would mean nothing.'
Him: 'In private, we'd be like, 'What's up, dude?''
Me: 'We'd act like friends.'

Though others say that a good friendship makes for a great relationship, I think I'm one of those people who does not fit into that belief. I rode the train back to Makati that night and I just wanted to laugh. It's easier for me to fall in love with someone I don't know very well than for me to love someone I know inside out. I guess it's easier that way because you can blind yourself to certain things you find irritating. If you fall for a friend, you know all those annoying things they do and you end up telling them off for it.

Falling for a friend also means risking whatever friendship you have with that person. Honestly, I've only stayed friends with exactly one ex. The rest? I don't know where they are and I certainly do not want myself in their life. If the relationship with a friend fails, most likely you cannot remain friends with that person. That means that I'll be throwing away about one year and three months worth of friendship? No thank you.

What if it works? As long as I think that it won't work, it just won't work. So why even bother imagining it happen? For the laughs that follows the thought that we'd end up together. Because honestly, it's such a gross thought. And I would do anything to get it out of my memory. 

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