Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blue Hair and Wigs

I am waiting for the rain to stop so that I can walk to Landmark and check out a wig.

When mom picked me up from Makati last January 20, she brought along my order of Manic Panic. I was jumping around the street when I saw that my blue dye had finally arrived. Hell, I spent so much for it and I had a right to be happy that I finally had it. I saved all my Christmas money and had to add some more. So to all those people who gave me money last Christmas, you know where all your money went. It went to this blue dye on my hair.

Saturday morning, I was up early dancing around my room. I guess I caused a racket 'cause mom made me go to gym. Mom had even offered to buy my bleach and oxidizing blah blah for me. I guess she pitied how broke I was and maybe she just wanted to shut me up for a few hours. I was bugging her non stop to buy me bleach. What's the bleach for? I cannot just dye my hair blue without bleaching it first. Only dumb people don't know that.

By Saturday night, I was itching to dye my hair already. But it was so late! It was around 8PM and I didn't know how I could dye my hair alone. I usually drag myself to JM's house and we force Jhamz to dye my hair. My original plan was to go to JM's house the next week, but being the impatient person I am, I threw that plan away. 

As soon as mom went to sleep, which was around 10PM, I started preparing my things. I had everything I needed. I had a bowl for the bleach. I had two combs for my hair. I had a ratty looking shirt on and an equally ratty looking towel for my hair. I had foil and some plastic cling wrap. I had running water. I even had some music and a movie to watch. The only thing I didn't have was gloves. Now, if you're a normal person and didn't have gloves, you would crawl into bed and sleep. Thank God I am not a normal person. I ran downstairs and looked for plastic bags. You know those stupid bags they put your groceries in? Yeah, I used that as gloves.

I am such a sneak. I dragged all my things including my laptop to papa's room. I went into his bathroom and began mixing the bleach and oxidizing blah blah together. I applied the bleach to my hair and then I was like, 'Oh crap! The last time we did this on Jhamz, we had to put the hair in foil so that the bleach would stay only on a certain part.' I walked out of the bathroom and made my dad my accomplice by ordering him to put the part of my hair that had bleach in foil.

Often times, I wish that my hair wasn't as black as it is. I had to keep the bleach on for more than thirty minutes. I didn't even bother reading the instructions about the maximum time bleach is allowed to stay on hair. I just kept it there until my hair turned blond. People always think that bleaching hurts. If it hurts, that's because you aren't doing it the right way. It hurts because you're putting the bleach on your scalp. It's only supposed to stay on hair and never make its way to a person's scalp.

By 11:30PM I was already getting ready to put my blue dye to good use. I had read somewhere that if you don't want the dye to stain your face, your ears and other areas, you should apply petroleum jelly. I did that and put a lot on my hands. I got rid of my plastic bag gloves and had some fun applying the dye. It was pretty easy to do. I just used a comb and my hands. Again, I didn't read the instructions for how long it must be left on the hair. I just took a chance with it. 

At 12 midnight, I had blue hair. I wasn't that satisfied with it for I bleached more parts and made those parts blue. I slept at around 3AM of Sunday. Let me just say that almost all the lights in the house are yellow and I was working with yellow light the whole time. I forced myself to wake up at 6AM that Sunday. I rushed to the mirror and checked my hair out. It wasn't that bad, but it could do better. I bleached more parts and dyed more parts. It was better.

So why on earth am I about to go out and check some wigs? Let's just say that certain people do not appreciate taking risks with hair. The most hilarious thing is that everyone else doesn't give a damn except that person who just so happens to be married to someone related to me. It also just so happens that she's the only one in this certain institution who does not approve of my hair. Rather than get something more than a warning, I am willing to shell out up to one thousand pesos just to hide my hair under a wig each time she might see me.

Why don't I just dye my hair black? You have got to be kidding me. Every week, I only spend twenty four hours in school. Twenty four hours is exactly one day. Why would anyone in their right mind dye their hair black just so that for one day a week nothing can be said about it? I would rather hide it under a wig for twenty four hours a week than dye it black. 

The most annoying thing though was when she asked about my family. She said something like, 'And what do your parents say about this?' I stared at her and replied, 'Nothing.' 'Maybe your parents don't care enough,' was her reply. Gawd, if she only knew that my parents care enough. They bought the bleach. They even helped me get this done. 

The rain has finally stopped. 

{Oh yeah. That picture was taken before I decided to bleach my hair and add more blue.}


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