Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cramming At Its Best

Conscience: 'And we have done it again, Anna! Cramming at its best.'
Me: 'Good job!'
Conscience: 'I know right!'
Me: 'We're awesome!'

I had four papers to write. Two for history. One for visual arts. One for Theology. And what was I doing instead of writing them? I was watching The Walking Dead. My brother and my sister in law got me hooked on the series. In fact, I finished one season in three days. It so short that you can finish it in one if you have the time.  I thought that the series would be so scary. It's not. I even end up laughing when they die. Yes, I will now brainwash my friends to watch The Walking Dead with me.

Conscience: 'It's the last week of school.'
Me: 'And I'm kinda sick.'
Conscience: 'I wonder why.'
Me: 'Playing in the rain. Cramming. And lots of other things.'

I haven't really played in the rain. But yesterday, I walked to the mall in the rain. I've been staying up late trying to cram these requirements. I also have been eating a lot of chocolates, cheese and those things that make me sneeze. No regrets! Oh yeah, I ate a lot of chicken this week. I shouldn't complain that I'm sick, but I'm just annoyed that I'll be spending my days blowing my nose while partying with friends.

Conscience: 'Why do you cram?'
Me: 'Why doesn't one cram?'
Conscience: 'Ugh.'
Me: 'HA HA.'

At least tapos na. I guess the funny thing about cramming is that you get so stressed out that you forget to cram. You keep thinking about doing it. but never really do it. The most hilarious thing is that even professors cram.

Conscience: 'Seems to me that you are already on Christmas mode.'
Me: 'My brain stops working when it Christmas.'
Conscience: 'You get lazy.'
Me: 'I get hyper.'

 We're counting down the days til Christmas. Nah, I just cannot wait to open my gifts. Christmas is the highlight of my year. Doesn't matter if I've had a bad year, an awesome year or what. All that matters is that on Christmas, I get to open gifts and get lots of cool things. 

Conscience: 'What do you want this Christmas?'
Me: 'A lot of things.'
Conscience: 'Give an example.'
Me: 'Sleep. Food. Books. Jacob. Leggings.'

Lemme see. The two other Percy Jackson books that are always out of stock. The whole Harry Potter series. All those other books on my list. A Twilight shirt that has something of Jacob. Or a shirt that says, 'Imprint me.' Another Harry Potter shirt. Harry Potter earrings. A star. Japanese food. Anything sweet. Ice cream. Leggings. Shorts. A white or a black shirt. Nail polish. Millions of slippers. Art materials. Coffee. Coke. Candy. Money. And more money. And lots and lots of money.

Conscience: 'You're not done with Christmas shopping.'
Me: 'I shopped for the wrong people.'
Conscience: 'Shop again.'
Me: 'This weekend.'

Ohmygawd. Such a waste of time. I bought this gift for a person who says I hurt her. Of course, I am not giving her gift this Christmas. The time I spent looking for her gift could have been spent looking for the gifts of other people. How annoying. I know exactly what my friends want and what they need. The hard thing is getting the gifts. I am so tempted to just give them cookies and milk.

Conscience: 'Highlight of the week?'
Me: 'Tèa had her ballet thingamajig.'
Conscience: 'Awwwwww.'
Me: 'She was so cute!'

Everyone who watched the ballet open house was so delighted when they saw Tèa dance. She's the smallest and the youngest in her class. In the middle of the performance, she as like, 'Teacher, I'm tired!' Everyone found that cute and laughed. While dancing, she kept on looking at us and smiling. Ada just kept on cheering for her sister. So cute.

Conscience: 'Ada danced too.'
Me: 'I wasn't able to watch her.'
Conscience: 'What a bad aunt.'
Me: 'I had class!'

I had class. And then the professor came late.  The best thing she said this week? 'Tita Anna, I'll help you feel better about losing your best friend. I'll give you hugs every day,' Ada said a few days ago. That girl really knows how to cheer someone up. I'm glad.

Conscience: 'You're in love with Gusto.'
Me: Hell yeah!'
Conscience: 'Does he still eat your food?'
Me: 'And he wakes me up, jumps on me, pees on my slippers, squeezes my thighs and laughs like crazy.'

I'm teaching Gusto to say, 'Tita Anna is awesome!'

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