Friday, March 30, 2012

Show Instead of Tell

Ada, Téa and Gusto,

Mama learned how to play Angry Birds today! 

Finally, after months of arguing with her that the game is fun, she decided to check it out. I do not know where she got the idea that Angry Birds is an angry game. Each time I tried to tell her about it, she would just say, 'No, Anna. It sounds like an angry game. How can something that sounds so angry be fun?' Of course, I would try my best to explain it to her. She would not believe me. So while we were waiting for our lunch at Batangas today, I asked Manong Renzo to let mama play some Angry Birds. And this time, she played.

To get her to somehow understand the game, Manong Renzo explained it in terms of geometry and math and science and school related stuff. On mama's first game, she lost. On her second game, she lost. On her third game, she lost. She just kept on losing, but she kept on playing it also. I dunno how she managed to win, but she did and then she moved on to the next level. I think she played the game the whole time we were waiting for our food. And that was a long time!

While mama was playing Angry Birds, I realized some things. Sometimes showing is way better than just telling. Imagine, I had been telling her about the game since last year. And she only gave the game a chance today. Why? Maybe because I just kept on talking about it and I failed to actually show her how to play it or show her that it was not as bad as the name sounded. I guess older people are wary to new things and tend to shy away from them or even judge them before giving them a chance. You gotta back up what you say with some action. I could have gone bugging mama for another year about how not so bad Angry Birds was. But if I did not back up what I said with action, she would just ignore me. Yeah, this is one way to end fights with your parents.

I had this really annoying classmate when I was in first year college. I do not really know why she annoyed me, but she seems to just get on my nerves every time. We were in the same philosophy class. And that girl thought that she was so smart. Maybe she was. She kept on doing things to get my friends into trouble. She made up rumors about me. I had all the right reasons to go to her and tell her, 'You do know that I am smarter than you, right? So please do not mess with me/' But what did I do? I shut up and showed her. When the final grades were released, she got a passing score and I got the highest in the class. No, I'm not telling you this so you'll say, 'Wow. You're really cool, Tita Anna!' Am telling you this because showing people is one way to win respect from your enemies. 

Remember when I was so sad last December? And then you all hugged me after I said that one of my friends did not want to be friends with me anymore? Well, that person gained another year and I think the person graduated or will be graduating in a few days. I saw the person a few days ago and I just wanted to greet the person and maybe congratulate the person. I was holding the gift that I made for the person. And what did the person do? Well, the person was a total snob about it. At least I tried. Sometimes showing people how much you care for them may win back a friend. Sometimes.

So maybe one day when you guys are in a weird situation with adults or your friends or some people you know, show them instead of telling them. Show the good grades instead of telling them that you went to school. Show the cool attitude instead of telling them that you lost your pride. Show that you care instead of telling them to take care of themselves. Show that you are not who they think you are instead of telling them who you really are. And if you have to tell make sure you can back it up with actions. 

Peace out! 


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