Monday, April 2, 2012

Veggies and Other Things

Conscience: 'How was the trip to Batangas?'
Me: 'The trip or the stay?'
Conscience: 'You know what I mean. Make my life easier.'
Me: 'HA HA HA.'

Going to my brothers' farm in Batangas was my mom's idea. See, my brothers have this farm and they plant vegetables. Of course, mom wanted to visit the farm and see what was going on. Aren't all moms like that? They like checking out on their kids to see what they're up to. But the farm was great! The workers were harvesting and we were there to pick up the lettuce to bring back to the city. Am not sure how many kilos of lettuce we brought back, but it was a lot. The stay in the farm was pleasant because we just stayed for about two or three hours, had lunch at the restaurant there and we were supposed to swim. But I guess I'll just go back to the farm another day just to swim. Yes, there are two swimming pools there. I think mom just dragged me there to try and convince me to be a farmer like my older brother. LOL.

Conscience: 'You never really wanted to be a farmer.'
Me: 'But I wanted to be an environmental scientist.'
Conscience: 'Why didn't you take that up?'
Me: 'I thought the school was boring.'

Yes, I did want to be an environmentalist. And I still do actually. What happened was I took the exam and wrote down mass communication as my course. But when my mom paid the reservation fee, I changed my course to environmental science. At the last minute, I decided not to go to that school and so I ended up taking communication arts. And then I switched school for second year and took up media production. But you know, if they had an honors course and put environmental science and media production together, I would totally take it! I think if I could extend my life a little more and slow things down, I would go back to that school to take that course. Or if there was a real time turner, I'd use it to take more classes. I'm a nerd like that.


Conscience: 'Your parents are talking about moving. Any thoughts?'
Me: 'Moving is fun! Just not moving to the province.'
Conscience: 'Why move?'
Me: 'Family is there. Church is there. Friends are there. Some friends are there.' 

The only reason I am excited to move is because I would be so close to the kids (Ada, Téa and Gusto) and we would be nearer the church. Fine. Those are my two reasons for wanting to move. But then, it's also nice to plan a new room and a new house. I had the opportunity to plan my own room like eight or nine years ago when we built the big house. Thing is, I was still a kid and I didn't really know what I wanted. Now, I do know what I want. I want a room with a lot of space for all my books. I want a room with a huge bathroom. I want a room with lots of space for more beds for when my friends come over. I want a room with lots of light so I can read until the wee hours of the morning. So yeah, am excited to move because I'll get to design my own space again. Selfish me!

Conscience: 'Any plans for your summer class free summer?'
Me: 'Jani and I have some plans to do some things.'
Conscience: 'That sounds interesting!'
Me: 'I am trying to drag her with me to camp!'

Camp. Yes, Anna is planning to go to camp.  I usually do not look forward to camp. Especially church camp. But this time, I am kinda looking forward to it. I told all my friends about it and my cousin. And I was like, 'Guys, come with me to camp. Please? I'll even pay the registration fee for you. Just come with me!' Why am I dragging my friends to camp with me? Well, as I already said in one of my posts, I do not have a group of friends at church. Just imagine me trying to spend three days with people I just say hi and bye to. I will die. So my solution? Start dragging along people I know to make the camp less of a chore. If my friends aren't able to come with me, I won't go to the camp at all.

Conscience: 'How has summer been treating you?'
Me: 'Well, if I am not totally bored, I am filling my tummy with wonderful food.'
Conscience: 'Will you be doing Kumon?'
Me: 'We shall see!'

Really, I do not know how I will spend my time. There has been a debate about sending me to Kumon for the summer. I mean, I am already done with Kumon. I just have to finish the do-it-at-your-own-risk level. The problem is that no one wants to drive me to Kumon and back from Kumon. My mom's wonderful solution? Have Anna take driving lessons and then not provide her with a car because she might run away from home. Hilarious. But really, I have been enjoying my summer vacation by resting my brain and trying not to think of the hilarious mistake I made by not signing up for summer classes. One thing I have been working on is finishing some stories that have been in my head for quite some time already. My dad is helping me do the illustrations and all.

Conscience: 'Are you concentrating on your studies or are you willing to be distracted?'
Me: 'Let's put it this way. With or without distractions, my studies are not affected.'
Conscience: 'I see.'
Me: 'But distractions would be divine.'

I find it dumb when people blame distractions for low grades. What if the person is really stupid? What if the person just does not get the subject at all? What if the professor hated the student because the student was not a Catholic or a Christian or a Muslim or an atheist? My point is that low grades does not mean that the person is distracted. Anyway, distractions would be nice. Sometimes. Unless of course the distraction was not accepted, then that would be totally annoying. I just find that distractions take up so much time and energy. I am not sure if I want that right now. But if the distraction was something that I liked like reading, dancing, music or people, then I would totally love that. But the distraction you're talking about? It will come. Soon.

Conscience: 'What has your mom got to say about your hair?'
Me: 'There's nothing she can do about it.'
Conscience: 'Yes, you always say that.'
Me: 'As of the moment, my grades are good. What else can she say?'

Let's wait for my grades for statistics, Philippine history and sociology to come. When they're in, I'm sure my mom will either tell me off for getting a low passing grade or will get really angry that I didn't pass at all. Ohmygawd. But all my mom has said about my hair is, 'Anna, let it grow!' I don't have any plans of telling her that I plan to leave it this way for a couple of months or so. Heck, I already wear a wig to school. I can do anything I want with my hair! I do know that she hates my hair and my guts to keep it this way. I know she has a heart attack every time I get a new haircut or change the color of my hair. I know she silently prays to God that her kid would straighten up. I know. But will I do anything about it? We'll see. It's too early to tell if I am ready to have black hair.

Conscience: 'Your latest fight with your dad was about what?'
Me: 'I cannot remember. We fight every day, remember?'
Conscience: 'Don't you get tired of doing that?'
Me: 'It's entertaining. Watch us fight sometime.'

Our love language is fighting.

Conscience: 'I have to ask about the chicken pox.'
Me: 'Go ahead and grill me about it.'
Conscience: 'Do the scars still irritate you?'
Me: 'Let's just say that I now have an ugly face, weird looking hair but am still thin. Am happy am thin.' 

Sorry. I've got to say this. Punyetang Bwisit yung chicken pox na yan! I am still not over the fact that I had chicken pox. I'm going to end this post right here or else I will end up venting about how much I hate my skin right now. And when I vent, I end up cursing too much. I am trying not to curse. It's Holy Week.

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