Monday, April 9, 2012

Random Thoughts While Walking

Had to stare at ourselves while thanking Christ that we can come as we are.
Me: 'Isn't it hilarious how Christ tells us not to judge others, but that is exactly what we do?'
Jani: 'When they're being real we judge them. When they're being fake we judge them.'
Me: 'Actually, God doesn't judge us. He won't judge us until the very end.'
Jani: 'He gives us so much time to learn, grown and make mistakes.'
I forgot the instructions to this one!
Jani: *puts coin into Ambition.*
Me: 'I already put one!'
Jani: 'It's not the same. You put in Security. I put in Ambition.'
Me: 'There's one for Intimacy! Gimme another coin!'
Jani: *laughs* 'Ohmygawd.' 
Me: *falls to the ground laughing* 
People stare.
Me: 'What? Even Jesus need people around him!'

               We were made to carry a small pebble and to another station as it symbolized those people we did not like.
Jani: 'I don't really know why I hated her, but I did.'
Me: 'I know exactly why I hated her, but I didn't forgive.'
Jani: 'I said sorry.'
Me: 'I shall forgive.
                Supposed to carry the cross, but it was SO FREAKING HEAVY!
Me: 'Imagine, Jesus was bleeding and his body was aching when he had to carry the cross!'
Jani: 'That's so ouch, man.'
Me: 'When your body aches, it's so hard to stand straight.'
Jani: 'And he had to carry the cross!'
Me: 'Exactly! Plus the sin of the entire human race!'
Jani: 'Physically that would be so ouch.'
Me: 'Plus the emotional burden. Such a humbling thought.'

                Write down your own prayer request, pick out a request from a stranger and then pray for the person.
Me: 'This is so cool! This is so cool! This is so cool!'
Jani: 'The table is hot. Cannot right!'
Me: 'I want a short prayer request!'
Jani: 'The table is hot!'
Me: 'I wonder who will pray for me.'
Jani: 'A stranger!'

                Had to hammer our 'sin' to a cross.
Me: 'I don't know how to hammer stuff.'
Jani: 'You can do it!'
Me: 'My sin put Christ on the cross.'
Jani: 'He paid for us, but we put him there.'
Me: 'But it's great to know that past, present and future sin has been paid for by Christ.'
Jani: 'We don't have to do anything to get rid of the sin except repent!'

               Say stuff you wanna say to your moms.
Me: 'My mom is at Fully Booked.'
Jani: 'My mom is at home.'
Me: 'I rarely have mushy talks with my mom or my parents.'
Jani: 'Me too! It's just too hard!'
Me: 'They might think I'm faking.'
Jani: 'It's just too hard!' 

              Write the names of the people you want to thank Christ for.
Me: 'Do I write your name?'
Jani: 'Duh.'
Me: 'This is too easy!'
Jani: 'There are too many people to thank.'
Me: 'I just have a few.'
Jani: 'Do I write Leo's name?'
Me: 'I didn't.'
Jani: 'Bad girl!'

                Have some communion!
Me: 'Yesterday, I had communion wine that had alcohol.'
Jani: 'You're drunk!'
Me: 'I mean, I had communion juice, but they put real wine in it!'
Jani: 'No wonder you're so weird now.' 

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