Thursday, March 22, 2012

There's No Class

Conscience: 'Finish the sentence. The best thing about summer is that. .  .'
Me: 'There's no class.'
Conscience: 'And the worst thing about summer is that. . '
Me: 'There's no class!'

I love summer because I do not have to worry about waking up early, getting assignments done, passing those long quizzes and pleasing those really strict professors. I also do not have to live in two different houses during the week. And yet I miss classes because no classes means that I have to live up here in the mountains without the kids. Honestly, I miss the kids a whole lot! I've been dreaming about Gusto's hugs, Ada's daily Greek mythology classes and Téa's singing. I really want to go to the city and visit them. Never thought that they would take up so much space in my heart. And just in case you're wondering, that picture was taken at 7AM one Monday morning last when all of us were really so sleepy and my hair was still kinda sane. 

Conscience: 'How are your grades!'
Me: 'Mind your own business!'
Conscience: 'I am just asking!'
Me: 'Don't make me nervous!'

I do know that I passed theology because I already saw my grade for that subject.  I am rather nervous for statistics, sociology and history. I am really dumb when it comes to math and I have no idea how I did during the final exam. For sociology, the school has to call me to tell me when I can take the final exam which consists of one questions because I was sick when it was given. And since history was taught in Filipino, I did not really understand a thing the professor was saying. Most of her quizzes were so hard and I just got good grades when it came to projects and that sort of thing. I've been praying so hard that those professors find it in them to pass me. I've made deals with God just so that I do not have to take those subjects again. We'll see. Might get my grades next week.

Conscience: 'You are so awesome when it comes to preregistration.'
Me: 'I'm awesome. Period.'
Conscience: 'So why did you wait till the last minute?'
Me: 'Don't say anything anymore!'

The only reason I preregistered for June late was because I was so lazy to do it. They told me that I had to have the form scanned, print out a copy and then submit that copy. Who wants to do all that? Since I got to do it late, the lady just let me write down the subjects that I wanted to take for June. I did not have to scan and print a copy. Most of my subjects this coming June will be majors and I've got one hilarious Filipino class which I don't want to take. I checked the titles of the classes and they've got these long complicated words in them. They better give me good professors or I will surely die!

Conscience: 'Will you take summer classes?'
Me: 'Why would I do that when I can take the class during the school year?'
Conscience: 'To get things over with. Don't you like that?'

I am not taking any summer class.  If I do fail any class, then I'll have to take that class again during the year. But then, I do not really want to take any classes this summer. Problem is that NSTP 1 is only offered during the summer. I think. So I might just take that next year because this year I really want to be lazy at home. Assuming that I did not fail any classes last semester, I will not have to take summer class and will just have to pray that NSTP 1 would be offered during the school year. So yes, I am really praying to God to please just make the professor dizzy enough to pass me!

Conscience: 'So what will you do this summer?'
Me: 'What will I not do this summer?'
Conscience: 'Just answer the question.'
Me: 'Everything!'

This summer I will go out with friends, sleep, watch more TV shows, read more books and eat. I haven't gone out with any of my friends yet because they still all have classes and exams. I have slept too much that my mom thinks I am turning into a zombie. I've started watching more TV shows like Downton Abbey, The Borgias, Community, Happy Endings, Hart of Dixie and many more. I have two more books of Rick Riordan to buy and then I'll be up to date with his books. I have finished all the food in the house in the mountains that mom has had to buy me more food. Wait. I plan to do something exciting with my money like buy toys for the less fortunate people and then give it to them or cook some food and feed them.

Conscience:  'I heard you're back to talking to each other.'
Me: 'That was a blessing.'
Conscience: 'How did that happen?'
Me: 'It's called God's grace.'

Well, she started it.  When she sent me a tweet saying that she somehow missed me, I had tears in my eyes. And I realized that sometimes you gotta fight so that you know how much the person means to you and how much you mean to the person. It must have taken her so much to post that or to even say that she missed me after I hurt her and she hurt me badly. From that time on, we've been communicating with each other. Back to normal? There's no such thing as normal! I'm just really thankful that we have somehow gotten ourselves out of the pit we were in. And I can only thank the giver of friendships for making this one last because if we did not have that common thing called faith, I am so sure we would be killing one another by now.

Conscience: 'Have things changed between you and your friends?'
Me: 'Things always change.'
Conscience: 'How do you deal with it?'
Me: 'You gotta go with the flow!'

The only thing that changed is we go to totally different schools now.  JM always text messages me and tweets me saying, 'Anna, I miss you! Please come back here!' How do I deal with that? We keep in touch a lot! We're constantly bugging each other over Twitter and other social networking sites. We get annoyed at each other when someone forgets to say hi or forgets that so and so is a friend and is still alive. I think we've all learned to adapt and to give in. When one person is mad, the rest of the group doesn't get mad anymore. They all stay calm and try to end the fight. When one person has a problem, we drop everything just to encourage the person. I think friendship is a beautiful thing is you share it with the right people.

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