Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hello Vacation

March 15, 2012 was the day my summer vacation started.

Several hilarious things took place before that day. To start off, I had gotten chicken pox and was out of school for around two weeks. What did I do? I stayed home, cried my head off and frantically finished all my requirements which I still had to pass. Of course, my group-mates in statistic and my partner in academic writing had to do most of the work as my brain would not function. I bugged certain people in school to tell me when exams were and to please give me the e-mail addresses of the professors. Oh, I also bugged my mom to talk to the dean to tell her that I was sick. 

Fast forward to three days before my vacation and I was running around campus trying to get certain people to sign my clearance. My most awesome mother had already gotten two or three signatures for me, but I still lacked one from the library and one from the guidance department. I first went to the library and presented my ID and my clearance form. I was wondering why it was taking forever. Turns out that someone in the past had had my ID number and the system was rejecting my name and my bar code. I was like, 'Why'd you give me the same number in the first place?!' I was still feeling so sick so I didn't get angry at the librarian. Well, it wasn't her fault. It's the fault of someone in another department. Wait till I find out who assigns those numbers to the students.

Apparently, I couldn't just get the guidance counselor to sign my clearance. She had to interpret the results of my personality blah blah. I had taken three personality tests before midterms and was supposed to have gone back for the results. Of course, I didn't get to go back because I got sick. My results were not surprising. In fact, I expected to get those kinds of results. Turns out that I do not need people to survive as I got a score of 0.1%. Yes. That is zero point one percent. I also thought that I saw it wrong. Must explain why I don't like people. I got 1% in orderliness. For variance and independence I got 99%. That means that I cannot take common things and that I like to be left alone. Sounds like me? I think so.

A day before my vacation, I had an exam in statistics and I had to hand in my final project for visual arts. Funny thing is that I had already studied for statistics and I had kinda memorized all the formulas. Five minutes before the exam I realized that I had left my calculator at home. Good if I had left it in the Makati house for that was just three to five minutes away from school. But I had left it in the house in the mountains. Well, I computed everything manually and then borrowed a calculator from some person I didn't really know. I kept praying and I still am praying that somehow the professor finds it in her to pass me as I do not want to take statistics again. I just handed my visual arts project to a classmate because the doctor had told me that I was still contagious. And then I went home to sleep. 

I spent the first day of my vacation entertaining that little boy and cleaning the cage of my hamster, Tella. It was such a strange feeling to be home in the mountains without the three kids (Ada, Tea and Gusto) begging me to play with them. I guess it was all so new to me that I just decided to entertain that four year old little boy whose name I keep on forgetting. While his mother did her work, I blew bubbles with him, gave him too much junk food, let him traumatize the hamster, read a story to him, took his picture and taught him new words. When he had to leave, I was like, 'Awww man. I don't have a playmate anymore!'

On the second day of my vacation, I went back to school to take what I thought was the last quiz in sociology. Turns out that the last quiz was actually an early final exam. It's just one question, but it's still a final exam. I maybe thought that it was a quiz because I was already too sick that day with fever and wasn't really listening in class. My mom had to make a letter requesting a special exam while I finally got around to making a draft of my subjects for next semester. Some person told me to take summer classes and I wanted to say, 'Even if I have to spend one more year here, I will. I do not like taking summer classes!' We'll see. If there's some threatening reason to take summer classes, I'll take it.

After getting so stressed over that sociology final exam which I missed since it was given early, I went to the gym to get rid of some calories. The whole time I was there, I was thinking to myself, 'How on earth did I ever survive one whole semester in that school?' But then after a few stretches and a lot of dancing around the gym, I had a better question for myself. I asked myself, 'How did I ever survive not being in that school?' 

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