Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So uhm. .

It's pretty weird when the professor thinks your work deserves to be read in class when all you think of it is crap. I walked into my journalism class today, copied what was on the whiteboard and heard my name being called by the professor. I walked up to her and she said, 'Anna, would you like to be the one to read your work to the class? Or would you like me to do it?' I told her she could be the one to read it. But the professor was like, 'Your handwriting is too small for me to read. You do it!'

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but oh that's what everyone does!

If a guy has a number of tattoos, you assume he is part of a gang. A girl with a lot of piercings? She's into drugs. You wear all black with eyeliner? You are an emo goth. And if you dye your hair blue your parents do not care about you.

'Your parents don't care about you?' a dean from Assumption College asked me when she saw my blue hair which I later chopped off. I was so floored by that question I forgot to reply. Yet I was thinking, ''How can you come to that judgement when you are part of a religious institution which instructs us to accept one another?'

Another time, I was walking around in Landmark all set to get on the escalator when a man called my attention. He said he was fascinated by my hair. And then he said, 'I assume you work in some graphic design firm.' I smiled and said no. I am still a student at Assumption. But what I wanted to yell was, 'Not all graphic designers dye their hair! And just because I dye my hair does not make me a graphic designer! I want to write!' 

Sad to say, my very own mother banished me from her house. She text messaged my brother saying, 'I think your sister has joined a fraternity. Talk some sense into her.' Oh, my mom text messaged her religious friends asking them to please pray for my decaying soul.

To stop all the non-sense, I bought a wig wore it for about two months and tried to fit in. Is it not odd that media tells us to be ourselves, but society pleads with us to fit in and cover up who we really are? Is it not annoying that those who preach about acceptance are the ones who judge and want uniformity? And when you are who you are, people think you've gone bad or have become a complete monster.

And to my classmate who clapped and listened to my crap, thank you!