Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Too Awesome

Conscience: 'How are the grades?'
Me: 'Grades disgust me.'
Conscience: 'We all know that!'
Me: 'Happy. Content.'

I was never bothered by grades. If I got high, it meant nothing. If I got a low score, it also meant nothing. The midterm grades came out about a week or two ago. Nothing is new. I can kind of tell the grades that I will get at the start of the semester. Got a couple of one point somethings. Got one two. And got one two point five. Am I bothered that I got a two point five? Why would I be bothered when I most of the people in my block got a three? To top it all, those people who got a three went to that class from the first day and I only started going to that class in July. Those people never missed a quiz and I missed about two. So how can I complain or be unhappy with the two point five that I have?

Conscience: 'Tell me about the play you did.'
Me: 'What's there to tell about it?'
Conscience: 'How did it go?'
Me: 'Let's just say that I am not proud of it.'

The group I was in did the play Condemned. It is about Pablo who is set to be put to death, but cannot forgive his mother. The story takes place one hour before his execution. It's a nice play! I would like to think that our group did the best we could possibly do considering the time constraints we faced and other things like the monsoon rains and blah blah blah. I say that I am not proud of it because I did a terrible job portraying the main character. Not that I did not know my lines, but because I had to pretend to be a guy. I did not do that well. Of all the plays I have done in my entire life the only thing I can say about this play is that the people portraying the characters did not fully grasp the characters' predicament. Including me. Am just glad that papa did not see me in this one. No worries though because I enjoyed my group mates and we had a heck of a time with the play. =))

Conscience: 'You went to the WNCAA game.'
Me: 'Had to go. Was required to go.'
Conscience: 'For your clearance.'
Me: 'It's dumb. Really dumb.'

Oh my gawd. If I find out that there are people who are able to get their clearance without going to six hour vigils and WNCAA games, I will totally freak out. I had to drag my parents with me to watch some soccer game last Sunday. It was quite enjoyable because I used to do soccer in grade seven and some of high school. Papa just sat around reading some newspaper. And mom brought her breakfast basket and had some bread with Conti's spread. I watched. It was hard to cheer for Assumption when La Salle was playing. La Salle was good. They won. I found it a little sad that non one really watched the games.

Conscience: 'What have the kids been up to now?'
Me: 'The usual crazy but cute things they do!'
conscience: 'Like?'
Me: 'Like giving all of us heart attacks when they do headstands.'

Gusto has now learned how to pose for Photo Booth. Every day he has to have his picture taken. He comes to me and says, 'Tia Anna! Want picture. One. Two. Three. Cheese!' And so we run to the Mac and take pictures for around five minutes. I love the fact that he knows exactly when to disturb me. Yes, he bothers me when I am busy doing something, but he is too cute so I let him bother me. Téa is now into Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The old movie. I think she got into it because Ada read the book and their mom downloaded the old movie. The old movie? Yeah, we find it better than the new one. And the songs are just perfect!

Conscience: 'It was your mom's birthday.'
Me: 'It was. We had wonderful food and gossip.'
Conscience: 'You said that Téa made your life hard.'
Me: 'Because she did!'

I don't want the public to see the video, but we ended up making a video for mom. See, mom just wanted some birthday cards from the three kids. But when I asked Téa to make one she said, 'Let's make a video!' I told her she was making my life hard. And she replied by saying that she was just making my life nicer. What a kid! I crammed the video and showed it to mom on her birthday. She loved it! Later that day, we ate out and had some ramen. We also had tempura ice cream. I think the kids made mom most happy that day. ^_^

Conscience: 'Let's talk about--'
Me: 'I forgot!'
Conscience: 'Growing old much?'
Me: 'Ada lost a tooth!'  

Ada lost a tooth! Yes, this is big news because this means that she really is growing up. The funny this is that she made a letter to the tooth fairy. She asked the tooth fairy for a toy. And then said said something like, 'Please also take me into the cartoons!' I laughed out loud when I heard that one! I guess she is so into cartoons because she just loves Adventure Time. When her parents explained to her that the tooth fairy had limited powers and could only give out money, Ada said, 'Oh, how foolish of me!'

Conscience: 'How are your friends?'
Me: 'What friends? But seriously, they are doing awesome.'
Conscience: 'You miss them.'
Me: 'Terribly.'

Jhamz does not have any WiFi at the moment. I have no been able to talk to her for about a week or two. It already feels like I have not talked to her in months! JM and I bug each other if we catch each other online on Facebook. Jani and I are constantly bothering each other in a totally friendly way. I bug her more than she bugs me. And I have to remind myself to make her birthday gift already. Ohmygawd. Camille! Camille is one highly creative person. Do not mess with her. I need to see her soon to come up with more crazy ideas. Maybe on the 22nd. Maybe.

Conscience: 'Well, that's all for now.'
Me: 'Wait!'
Conscience: 'What's up?'
Me: 'Miss De Villa watches Newsroom!'

She totally made my day yesterday! She asked the class to write some article and to submit it by twelve noon. All the other students left the classroom. Char and I stayed behind as we had to talk to her. After talking to her I suddenly blurted out, 'Miss De Villa, do you watch Newsroom?' She said, 'Yes!' And I shit you not when I say that I literally shrieked with joy! Miss De Villa laughed and said, 'I wait for a new episode every Wednesday!' And I was like, 'Ohmygawd. This is too awesome.' 

I guess that's how my life has been lately. Too awesome.

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