Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Bunch Of Flowers

It's V-Day.

It's the day when couples go out on dates and momentarily forget about their problems. It's the day when teen boys go to the high school of their girlfriend to drop off some flowers, a box of chocolates and a toy bear. It's the day when teen girls expect that their boyfriend gives them something even if it's as stupid as some candy which can be consumed in less than five minutes. It's the day when college students try to get their professor to cancel class because they've got to rush to some date with some person. It's the day when adults try to leave their children at home to go on a rare date by themselves. It's the day when all those people in a relationship do things single people will never be able to understand.

Girls who have boyfriends (or girlfriends) look forward to this day. They constantly find ways to remind their partner about this day. And they make it very clear that if their partner forgets about this day, they will be in huge trouble. Among their girl friends, they fantasize about their date with the person they love. A few days before this day, they watch movies about love, listen to songs about love and do all things related to love. On the day itself, they make themselves really pretty and really presentable just in case their guy (or girl) drags them off on a date. Some girls try to act like they are not into celebrating V-Day. Don't be fooled. They're just too shy to admit that they actually like getting flowers and all that cheap chocolate the guy has to give. 


Guys are the ones left with all the work. I really pity them. They've left to save up all their money for a few hours of happiness. They've got to buy the girl a gift which has to be somewhat worth it and almost expensive. Then, the guy has to take a girl on a date. Of course, the girl will be like, 'It's a special day. We've got to go somewhere nice.' And so he is forced to take her to a restaurant which they don't really go to. And he has to pay the bill. What does he get in return? Maybe a thank you. Or a hug. Or a kiss. Or a card the girl made. Or a shirt. Or something that costs one fourth of what he spent that day.

The single people have it easy. They go around like it's an ordinary day, but they rant about how lonely they are. They rant about it on Twitter. They rant about it on Facebook. They even make videos about it and upload it to Youtube. Sucks because you're friends with these people on all social networking sites. The most annoying thing they do? They brag about how unaffected they are about the whole being single thingamajig! And just like those crazy girls who prepare for V-Day, single people also prepare for V-Day. Weeks before V-Day, they're already making themselves miserable and depressed. On the day itself, they curse everyone they see on a date.

Me? V-Day has never found its way into my life. My parents always give me V-Days gifts which are so awesome. Almost all the guys I've been with think I'm joking when I say, 'I don't celebrate V-Day.' I don't celebrate it because it reminds me about someone close to me who died a few days before V-Day and I had to spend V-Day at her wake. And each time some person tries to get me into the mood of V-Day, I give them the run-for-your-life-little-bitch stare. And although it's been five years since the person died, the memory is still there that I think V-Day will always remind me of her death. Forever.

I thought that today was going to be some ordinary day. I wasn't expecting anything because I'm not at home in the hills and my parents have no way to get their V-Day gifts to me. I went to school and greeted the people I saw. When I came back home, the kids all hugged me and said, 'Happy Valentine's Day, Tita Anna!'  I hugged them back. Manang Rina was calling everyone downstairs for doughnuts. The yayas, the maids, the drivers and everyone in the house got donuts.  Apparently, it's a tradition here to get donuts on V-Day.  And then I saw Téa holding a bunch of flowers. And I was like, 'Aww. So sweet!' I was busy choosing my doughnut when Téa handed me a bunch of flowers also. And all I could say was, 'Is this for me?' She nodded her head and looked at her mom, Manang Rina. 'Thanks, guys!' I said. Téa hugged me and greeted me again. A few minutes later, we walked around the village with our flowers.

Actually, V-Day is not about having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. It's not about getting tons of chocolates and stupid bears. It's not about going on fancy dates and eating food you will never be able to cook at home. It is not about sending cheesy text messages to the person you love. And it's not about all those love movies you downloaded and plan to watch with him or her. It's not about getting the most expensive gift. It's not that. It's really all about showing how much you love a person in the most simple way everyday and then restating that love on V-Day.

Sometimes it means getting a doughnut and a bunch of flowers.

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