Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Love New Year

Totally late post.
Consceience: 'Forgot all about this already, huh?'
Me: 'I forget things when it's convenient.'
Consceince: 'Gawd. You are insane.'
Me: 'Not as insane as you are.'

I also forget about answers to exam questions, the birthdays of my friends and certain dates people deem important. Some things I will never forget are names of restaurants, brands of hair color, urls of blogs I read, characters in the series I watch and how much money I have in the bank. I'll forget homework, requirements, papers, reports and all those school stuff. But I won't forget the names of those terrible professors who give everyone a hard time. I will forget everything I tweet on Twitter, all those statuses I've made, all the blog entries I've posted and all those Flickr pictures I uploaded. Yet I will never forget my passwords. Seriously.

Consceince: 'Any New Year's resolutions?'
Me: 'I have one which I am trying to keep.'
Consceince: 'I doubt you'll be able to do that.'
Me: 'Wanna bet?'

I have promised myself not to take college too seriously. I am not going to eat rice for one year unless the rice is found in sushi or if I am really forced to eat rice. I will learn how to commute in the Philippines. I will make an effort to speak in Filipino when needed. I will make time for my friends even if that is so hard to do. I will try my best to be nice to my parents. I will learn how to bake and cook and do things the maids do for me. I will spend more time away from my laptop even if it kills me. I will travel. And I'll end up living and not giving a damn about these resolutions.

Conscience: 'You are a terrible. . '
Me: 'What?'
Conscience: 'Person.'
Me: 'If I am that terrible, why do I have friends?

Got a text message reminding me to be nice to people. And I was like, 'I'll be nice to the person if the person is nice to me.' You know, don't give me any reason to hate you. Because really, once I hate someone, it's hard for me to stop hating the person. Actually, I don't really care if you're nice to me or not. If I have a reason not to be nice to you, you're dead. But I am trying. I am trying so hard not to dislike people and be nice to them. Damn, I'd rather be mean to a person than pretend to like the person.

Conscience: 'What exactly does the New Year mean for you?'
Me: 'Why do babies crawl?'
Conscience: 'Why are you changing the topic?'
Me: 'Why do you care?'

New Year means more money for me! I dunno. I love New Year. It's like the best day of my year.

Conscience: 'How is college?'
Me: 'I'll give you a better question.'
Conscience: 'Fine.'
Me: 'You should ask me, 'How many flat ones have you gotten, Anna?''

A number of flat ones means that I am so happy and so awesome.  The awesome thing is that I got them in my major subjects. I don't really care about school. Really. My parents tell me that I am so lazy when it comes to college. All the maids see me watching TV and getting bored all afternoon on my laptop. My classmates all think that I am such a bum. And then when the prof announced the grade, I got this shocked look on my face. I am happy. But I was like, 'Now, what did I do to deserve this?' Maybe I did nothing. Maybe I did. I don't really care.

Conscience: 'I never knew you were that smart.'
Me: 'I pretend to be stupid.'
Conscience: 'And why?'
Me: 'Because I am stupid!'

Do I have to explain that?

Conscience: 'What's up with your blue green hair?'
Me: 'I'm dying it again this weekend.'
Conscience: 'Why? What? Why?'
Me: 'To make it look better.'

It's already fading and I want the blue to be more intense. 

Conscience: 'You wear a wig now?'
Me: 'I love my wig.'
Conscience: 'Why wear a wig when. . .'

My wig looks really awesome.  I look so different with the wig on.

Conscience: 'Anything bothering you now?'
Me: 'The fact that people are stilling asking me the same questions.'
Conscience: 'And you hate it?'
Me: 'And I totally hate it.'

So Anna, why are you wearing a wig? Why is your hair blue? Why do you have five piercings? Why do you speak english? What's your course? Where do you live? Why are you here?  How come you moved church? How come you're moving house? Why did you get that grade? Why are you that stupid? How come you lost your phone? Where's your money? Are you guys together now? Are we still friends? Are we going? How holy are you?


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