Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not Anymore

Response to Pliant Like the Bamboo by I.V. Mallari.

Prof: 'There's also another very good essay from last week (November 22, 2011).'
Me: *That isn't me.*
Prof: 'Anna Francheska.'
Me: *Told you.*
Prof: 'Lete?'
Me: 'Here, Miss!'
The Filipino was like a bamboo tree.

He knew that he was not strong enough to fight for himself. The Filipino yielded. He gave in to the culture, to the ideas, to the religion and to almost everything that others had to offer. The Filipino did this in order to survive. He did this to ensure that there would be a future to offer the ones who would come after him. 

Yet the Filipino has had enough. When the country's own president stole the wealth of the Filipino people, they took their complaints to the streets and stood their ground until he left Malacanang Palace. Edsa Two took place. And the voice of the Filipinos were once again heard. Erap pleaded for sympathy and mercy from the masses, yet they imprisoned him. 

The Filipino people thought they were in luck when Gloria Macapagal Arroyo took the place of a thief. Little did they know that she too would steal their wealth, cheat during elections and bring shame to the Filipino people.

Again, the Filipino people united and made their voice heard when they called on the son of Cory Aquino to run for the presidency. When he won, the Filipinos were relieved. The Filipinos knew that President Noynoy Aquino would not let the Philippines be bullied anymore.

China has been threatening the Philippines. They want to gain control of islands that belong to the Filipinos. No, the Filipino is seeing to it that that will never happen. The Filipinos are learning to say no to a nation who were the first to occupy the Philippines. They are learning to assert their rights even if they do not outnumber the Chinese people.

A few days ago, the Filipino people showed that they would not adapt to the lifestyle of corruption. Though ex president Gloria Arroyo says that she needs to seek medical assistance in another country, the Filipinos have banned her from leaving. They have filed charges against her and the people who live and breathe corruption.

The Filipinos have shown the world that they are not giving in. They have done so by winning boxing matches, by producing wonderful singers, by having new writers and even by exporting their produce to other countries. Heck, they might even win their first Oscar this year. The Filipinos have stood their ground by learning how to claim what is theirs, by arresting those who have done the country wrong and by saying no to those who want to brainwash them again. Now, the Filipino will not let themselves be bullied by another country or even by their fellow countrymen.

The Filipino was not strong enough to fight for himself. He was like a bamboo tree. But not anymore.

And this got me a 1.2 (98) in creative writing. Thank God.

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