Sunday, October 28, 2012

Packing My Life

The neighbors cannot really sing in tune. And they're drunk.

Yesterday, mom said that in about three weeks we're moving out. Might as well pack.
So basically, my things are still in boxes 'cause I never unpacked my stuff which was to go to Singapore.

So I ate all those hotdogs to get Avengers toys I now am throwing away? How messed up am I anyway?

Leo and I have absolutely no pictures together. We have no tangible proof of our friendship. Come to think of it, he looks like Ramon Bautista. Definitely not hot. I miss chatting with him though. Must bug him as soon as I get the chance. I really want to see him angry in person. Must.

Holy crap! I must thank my most recent ex boyfriend for getting me into collecting Mr. Potato Heads. Funny thing is that they're my most valuable things and they are so light. Speaking of that particular ex, I still have the two Mr. Potato Heads he gave me and the yellow camera. Everything else is gone.

I am finding it easier to throw things away now.

Inna, why do you always have rashes? Text me! Am bored.

How could I like that guy for six years? What if we eventually get together? That would be hilarious. Good thing I am not with any of my ex boyfriends anymore. I think they were all the reachers. Sucks.

I've got an extra Bible here which I dislike. Also got those religious books people give me. I might go to hell if I burn them.

There's a creepy spider down my bra. Ugh.

I really want to ask Jani if her exams are done. So I have kept almost everything that Jani has given me. She went through this phase where all she gave me were breakable objects. I even have these ugly pictures of ourselves when we were in Laguna. How long ago was that? How did we become friends?

I need a guy like Mr. Big from Sex and the City.

King of Anything is playing. Ada and Tea would be singing along to this. Gusto wouldn't care. I freaking miss them. Am really glad I got close to them although I can never curse when I am with them. All their drawings are so precious. I cried when I saw the card they gave me.

Oh, that best friend. Might as well keep all her letters to me. I wonder if we can ever get along again.

I really wanna ask JM if we were on drugs while we were in grade school. For some reason we had a lot of anger in our system. Well, we still might have anger in us but we just hide it well. Crap, he sucks at writing letters! I miss him.

So there are the letters Jhamz gave me! And the dolls. And the stuffed toys. And the random things I still keep 'cause she gave them to me. I wish I had a picture of the time she treated me out to Mang Inasal. And also the time she treated me to McDo after one break up. Holy crap.

Bad idea. Getting asthma.

My life is all in boxes. And I need more plastic boxes. Let's put fragile tape on all the sides of the plastic boxes.

How could people ever like my fanfic? It sucks! I need to tell Keisi it sucks.

Seeing all these old pictures of myself freaks me out. There were times I looked so ugly. There were times I looked human. And still there were times I looked more than human.

I do not want to remember the time I had to celebrate my eighteenth birthday. Had some sort of Jewish celebration 'cause maybe my mom is Jewish. Threw out everything connected to it. Just kept the awesome thing Manong Renzo made for me, some cards from my immediate family and close friends. The rest? Into the trash bin.

Found these old religious journals of mine. I was such a holy kid. Yuck.

Am I lucky or what? Did not find any lizards or cockroaches while packing and moving stuff!

Just realized that my parents do not know that I am packing. Holy macaroons!

I think I never really unpacked my stuff which was boxed up to be sent to Singapore because I knew that I would one day  move out of this place again.

How on earth do I get all the dust off my body? I like peeing in the shower. Gross. My only problem with conditioner on my hair is that it's so hard to wash off. I end up leaving most of it there.

HOW COULD I LIKE THAT GUY FOR SIX YEARS?! Oh. Please. Dear. God. (And just in case that guy reads this. . Every time I see you I want the earth to swallow me up because.)

10:02 PM
Let's get loud! Let's get loud! I still have stuff lying around my room! And I have no more plastic boxes. Lots of fragile tape though.

Yuck. Four boxes of trash. Maybe I should burn it tomorrow.

I should paint my room before I leave. Maybe leave a fucked up message on it or something. Must think of something witty.

Have to text message Inna to tell her that I now have rashes also. Must not tell her that I am packing.

None of my friends know that I might be out of this place in a few short weeks.

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