Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Mac

Conscience: 'You're buying a new Mac that costs about 60k.
Me: 'And your point?'
Conscience: 'WOW.' 

I'm buying it. Not my mom. Not my dad. Me.  Sure, that means not being able to get a new camera. And yeah, that means being poor for so many years. But hell, I need a laptop to survive. My excuse? I need it for my course in college.

Conscience: 'Why not have fun with your MacBook?'
Me: 'It's no fun anymore.'
Conscience: 'iPad 2?'
Me: 'You're kidding, right?'

My MacBook is dead.  Well, it's not really dead dead. I'm just too lazy to have it fixed Thought of getting myself an iPad 2 since it's a lot cheaper. But it doesn't have iMovie. Nah, it has iMovie. It doesn't have all the features of iMovie. And I do need all the features of iMovie. Another thing is that it has almost zero memory. How on earth will I be able to download and store all the things I download? Sorry, I'll spend a lot to be able to download and watch How I Met Your Mother and Modern family.

Conscience: 'Get something that isn't Mac.'
Me: 'I'd rather not buy anything at all.'
Conscience: 'It's cheaper.'
Me: 'Is it as cool as a Mac?'
Conscience: 'Uhm...'

My brother actually said, 'Get a new Mac. Or get something cheaper, but isn't as cool.'

Conscience: 'Why a Mac?'
Me: 'I'm used to it already.'
Conscience: 'Learn to use not-a-Mac.'
Me: 'Ugh.'

I can't even use my parents' laptops. I used to be an expert with Windows. Seriously. But now, I can't even find their files on their laptops. When they need help, I actually use Google to "help them."

Conscience: 'What's your take on, "My Mac is two years old and it died on me. I wanted it to last for ten years!'"
Me: 'Who would want a Mac to last for ten years?!'
Conscience: 'It's expensive.'
Me: 'You want old technology on your Mac for ten years?'
Conscience: 'Well. . .'

MACS DIE.  GADGETS DIE. I don't get people who blame the brand for the death of their gadgets.

Conscience: 'What is so great about a Mac?'
Me: 'What isn't great about a Mac?'


Me: 'Anything else you want to say?'
Conscience: 'Rich kid.'
Me: 'Thank you.'
Conscience: 'WTF.'

I paid for it myself! 

Conscience: 'Spoiled brat.'

Yes, I am.

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