Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Expectation. Reality.

Expectation: Parents will want to spend time with me on the weekend since we rarely see each other during the week.
Reality: Parents pick me up from my brother's house and hurry home because they have other things to do. When we get home, they do their thing and I do my thing. The next day, as a family, we spend so much time in church. By the time we have the day to ourselves, we're all tired and I have to go back to my brother's house. So much for wanting to spend time with them.

Expectation: Church is a place where people are welcoming and loving and oh so awesome.
Reality: I have never felt so alone in my whole life!  It has been more than one freaking year and I still am surrounded by strangers every Sunday. I have gone out of my way to make friends, but they stick to their little world. Impossible.

Expectation: Friends will be there for you and with you.
Reality: They will be there for you when they have the time and energy. They will be with you only if you live close to each other. Schedules get busy. Money gets tight. Life happens. You get through problems on your own.

Expectation: Childhood friends will be friends forever and ever.
Reality: Shit happens! You end up acting civil when you see each other in parties, bump into each other at the mall or accidentally 'like' their status or photo on Facebook.

Expectation: College is an awesome experience that I will enjoy and treasure for the rest of my life.
Reality:  As soon as I make it to college, I cannot wait to run out of the college building. The only thing that keeps me motivated to go through with college is the knowledge that my parents will disown me if I do not graduate. Cannot wait to get this over with. Seriously.

Expectation: Media Production is the most awesome course ever!
Reality: Media Production is the most awesome. All we ever do is stay up late shooting videos, editing videos, doing voice overs, making PSA's, watching movies, writing scripts and doing all that crap. Our diet consists of coffee and fast-food. Our brains are working even when we're sleeping. 

Expectation: Bookstores will have all the books I want when I want them.
Reality: Walked to around all the malls in Makati looking for a certain book I have been wanting to buy. Wasted around one hour running all around and asking those people in the bookstore if they had that certain book. They did not have the book The Fault in Our Stars. Never really thought that the day would come when a bookstore would disappoint me
Expectation: Professors will teach me things I need to know.
Reality: Professors have me searching for answers to random questions they ask. Most of the time, they teach me 10% of the things I will need for the future. Sheesh.

Expectation: Community will be more awesome during its fourth season.
Reality: No one is really sure how they feel about the first episode or the fourth season. The plot is so screwed up. The characters are not themselves. It's too weird. It's too different. It's new.

Expectation: Writing will be easy! Writing will make me famous! Writing will be my profession!
Reality: Writing is not that easy. Writing will not make me famous. Writing may not be my profession. Writing may not even be for me at all.  

Expectation: I will be out of college by the time I am twenty years old.
Reality: Got into college when I was seventeen years old because I took grade seven. And then transferred into another college. So now, I will be out of college by the time I am twenty-two. I hate this thing called time. 

Expectation: Love. Love. Love.
Reality: Friend-zoned.  

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