Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking Back: 2012


My year started out with tons of sky lanterns and a handful of hope that 2012 would turn out alright. I was in dire need of a new year to get things together since 2011 was not that awesome. If I could have embraced the new year, I would have. I remember that on the eve of New Year, I was jumping up and down while singing Firework. I had so much hope that 2012 would be an easy year to get through. Little did I know that 2012 would be the year when all sorts of relationships I had with people would be severely tested. It started in January when my closest friend, who calls me her soul sister (or something like that), and I called it quits. Although we had agreed to continue being civil with each other, it was really hard to accept that we had given up on our friendship. This caused another major mess up with a guy friend who was caught in the middle of things.

By February I had blue hair. And I was wearing a wig to school every day. My mom freaked out about this and did not let me go home to the hills for around one or two weekends. It was a rather amusing punishment, really. One Monday, I cut classes and took a bus to Las Pinas from Makati. Isha had invited me over to her house and I willingly went. Commuting to her place was a terrifying experience since I do not know how to commute and I cannot really understand Filipino. Yet that experience made me stronger. I now know that though I am terrified of doing something new, I can do it. February was the month I learned that a person does not need to depend on anyone else except himself. Yes, I still was not talking to my closest friends.

March is a month I just want to forget about if I could. If I could have killed the people who gave me chicken pox, I would have done it a long time ago. I can't. They're three little kids who are the kids of my cousin. Because of this chicken pox, I was not able to attend my cousin's wedding in Bacolod, I got grades that could have been higher and I did not want to show my face to anyone. Because I did not want anyone to see me, I did not enroll in summer classes which I really should have taken since I am an irregular student. Oh, I also had my dad cut my hair out of anger and pain. Yeah, my hair kept going on the pox and making it hurt like hell. The first time I saw my face with all those scars was the first time I cried over how ugly I looked. I still get really angry whenever I see the scars on my face. Oh well. 


Apparently, Leo should take credit for a lot of things. I cannot remember how it happened exactly, but Leo wanted a pizza party and he invited Jani along.  Something like that. Oh yes, Jani and I were the ones fighting in January and did not talk until April. Anyway, it was a hilarious meet up because Jani and I ended up going to Taguig to see the Holy Week blah there. After Taguig, we saw Leo and promptly dragged him with us to see another friend. Yet it was because of that meet up that we decided to go to the orphanage the next week. And then the week after, we all went to see Planet Shakers. I felt that April was the month when things were falling back into place again. I had my friends back. I could do anything!

More orphanage visits! I also went to camp that month. For some reason, I just did not want to go to camp last year. Church camp. My mom wanted me to go. My dad ended up coming along with me and having more fun than me. Yeah, the camp was for kids, teens and adults. I actually am scared of camps. I hate having to sleep with strangers in a room. I also hate how close I get with the participants, but right after camp we choose to ignore each other during church service. Like what the freak was that all about? So I went through camp. My camp friends and I even got an award for being super-friends or something like that. And then after that camp. . .

Back on Facebook! And back to school, baby! I was overjoyed when I was finally put in a block. Although it was pretty hard to learn their names, 2B2 stopped me from hating college and cursing the fact that I was a transferee. I swear, when the registrar told me that I was in a block, I wanted to hug her. But I didn't because she tends to be mean to people! What else happened in June? Camille begged me to be in her photo shoot. I told her she could use my house. Cannot say that I had a swell time, but I missed taking pictures. Heck, the last time I posed was when I was still into Flickr. Too bad I cannot find my way into Flickr anymore. 


I cannot think of anything great that happened this month. I shall just go on and on that Char is awesome. We became friends because of her alcohol and political science. We are friends because she's crazy! But really, she is also the reason why I finally got to know more people in college, why I always went to class and why I am always eating. We call each other Bud. We love lasagna. And we're planning a lasagna party. No, strangers are not invited. This is making me hungry.

Monsoon rain. It was raining for one whole week. There was no storm, but it was just some monsoon rain. I was in the city while my parents were in the hills. Classes were cancelled for a week. Exams were moved. People were panicking. I was glued to the news. Mom was worried about all her kids in the city. All mom's kids in the city were worried about her. I kept checking if my friends were still alive. It was a really gloomy week. By the time the monsoon rains stopped, it was Ada's birthday! My mom and dad were able to come pick me up in the city. And we all had pizza and pasta for Ada. The sun was shining and all seemed right in the world. =)) 


So I watched Phantom of the Opera. My parents added to my collection of Mr. Potato Head minions. Had tons of lasagna. School work was piling up because finals were coming. No written exams meant more work. I was rushed to the hospital for gastritis. And I somehow found time to visit the orphanage! This visit was memorable because the children bugged me to bring Leo along and because I was able to drag new people with me to the orphanage. Corina and my three college friends were there! That was pretty cool.  And after those few hours of having fun with the children, I was back to finishing projects, doing voice overs, editing videos, asking people if I could interview them, writing paper I knew nothing about and finding time to chat with friends. 


Maybe Miss de Villa gave us that paper in September. I cannot remember anymore. I just know that when I got that paper, I wanted to call Char right away. She was my partner for our project in Journalism and I needed to tell her the good news. When I got my final grade for Journalism, I remember wanting to ask Miss de Villa what I did to deserve that grade. Until now, I still don't know why she gave me a high grade when I felt that I deserved a crappy one. Spent my school break in the hills for three weeks without Internet. I need to say this because this is a big deal for me. By this time, Inna and I were already talking and texting. I am not sure when she contacted me after about a year of not speaking to each other. And during the break, Inna and I went to UST to do some stuff in her school. 

And happy birthday Jani! Started the month by celebrating Jani's birthday, catching up on odd happenings in our lives, watching the first six episodes of Full House and flying sky lanterns. We also ate that unlimited cake which did not taste that good and had too much coffee. The second semester started and I was in a totally annoyed mood with college. Spent three days in line to enroll. Hated most of my professors. (Still hate most of them!) Got really bored with church. Got to be friends with another awesome person, Mina. Felt like eating sushi every day. Almost ended up in Singapore. Realized that second semester is so short. Encouraged all my friends who were doing their thesis and their defense. Wanted to cry each time I remembered that I am graduating in 2015. Damn. 


Let's see. Maybe I'll do another post all about Christmas, but last Christmas was great! Went to so many family reunions. Had to see a ton of friends. Spent so much money. Opened lots of gifts. Ate so much I feel fat. And blah blah blah. Christmas was happy until I found out that that might have been the last Christmas my grandfather would ever see. And so I ended and started my year on a somber note. No, I still am full of hope for 2013. But knowing that Lolo is weak and frail brings me back to the reality that my time on earth is limited so I should make it count. 

{Such a random year end blah blah.}

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