Sunday, July 8, 2012

What Took Up My Time

Conscience:  'I have not heard from you in ages!' 
Me: 'Sure you have!' 
Conscience: ' No, I have not.' 
Me: 'Shut up and let me type then.'

There is a rabbit, Thunder, who loves annoying my mom. Thunder does not really belong to me. And the only reason Thunder is with me is because it was sleeping in its own poop and I felt so bad for it. Of course, I now wish that I could make Thunder into rabbit stew because it poops too much, it eats too much and it jumps around a lot. It? I have no idea if the rabbit is a boy or a girl. And I am too scared to hold it up to check its gender. But Thunder is so cute! Thunder  stays by the screen door and jumps up and down when she wants food. Thunder also follows me around the patio, chews my slippers, smells my butt and licks my feet. It's almost like having a dog that does not bark. 

Conscience: 'You say that your MacBook is full of Téa's pictures. How true is that?' 
Me: 'Pictures and videos.' 
Conscience: 'Oh. Pictures and videos. Wow.' 
Me: 'Around four hundred fifty pictures and exactly eighty three movies of Téa.'

I wish I could buy Téa her very own iPad. And I am not being mean. I just find it so cute when she steals my Mac, brings it to the living room, looks for props and then proceeds to shoot herself. It would be more convenient if she had her very own iPad and could shoot herself whenever and wherever!  Originally, I was planning to delete some of her shots on Photo Booth. I wanted to delete those that I found odd and repetitive. But then, I remembered that I did not have that many pictures growing up. So even if my laptop is full of her shots and even if I do not have space for more TV shows, I will just leave Téa's pictures on this MacBook. It is kinda nice to view her shots after a long and sad day. 

Conscience: 'Say something about the shoot you and your friends did last Saturday?'
Me: 'My honest opinion?' 
Conscience: 'Or whatever you can say about it!' 
Me: 'Let us see.'

It was not the best shoot, but it also was not the worst. We played in the rain and got sick afterwards. We ate junk food the whole time. We drank Coke. We tried our best to cooperate and not give each other a headache. I hope we succeeded at doing that. I saw the neighbors staring when we were taking some shots. And the guard saw what we were doing. So what did I do the whole time? Let's just say that I tried as much as possible not to be in any of the pictures. I tried. I hate the fact that you gotta prepare for a long time and then it takes hours to shoot. And then at the end of the day, when you see your shots on your laptop, you wonder why you even went through the trouble to do what you just did. And then you wonder if it was worth it.

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