Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good-bye, July!

Hello with glasses on!

My strangest fear has always been having to wear glasses. I have been bragging about the fact that I have perfect vision and I can be a pilot just in case I want to get myself in the air force. However, I had been getting these mind blowing headaches that would leave me feeling so out of whack. Got those headaches months ago and I went around asking my friends who had glasses I maybe needed one too. They all told me to see a doctor. Thing is, I hate eye doctors ever since I found out I had optic neuritis. No one wants to be told that they may die or go blind. But the headaches got worse, I could not watch TV, I could not see my laptop's screen and so I dragged myself to the eye doctor. I am living out my strangest fear by wearing glasses from the time I wake up until the time I sleep. 

I am thoroughly impressed with how clear I can now see! I think that makes up for all the cons about wearing these glasses. I still have a hard time finding a way of putting them on my ears so that my hair does not get messed up. I cannot figure out how not to get my glasses all dirty with finger prints and well, dirt. My glasses also love falling off! I find myself constantly pushing them up or putting them back in place. And then I see my classmates and they never have to adjust their glasses. How on earth do they do that? Oh, my mom said that I now look like ugly Betty. 

Lent my cousin, Leni, my camera. It's an Instax Mini 7 which works like a Polaroid. (Yes, a Polaroid is different from an Instax Mini.) Actually, I did not lend it to her. I technically forced her to borrow it from me so she could take awesome shots of France. Lucky her! Ever since I heard that she was leaving for France to study, I had been toying with the idea of lending her one of my lomo cameras. Then, I would see all her tweets on Twitter where she would be mopping about the fact that Polaroids were so expensive, but she wanted one for France. And I was like, 'I haven't used Elya the Instax Mini in months since papa refuses to buy me film! So why don't I just dump it with Leni?' 

And yes, I dumped Elya on her last July 21. Leni was talking to my dad and I ran in with the camera. She saw the camera and said something like, 'Ate, meron siya!' Little did she know that a few seconds later I was gonna be like, 'This is yours for the duration of your stay in France. Fill it with film! Have fun!' When I finally did my dumb little speech, Leni had this shocked look on her face. The look was like I-know-we're-cousins-but-we're-not-that-close-so-why-are-you-lending-this-to-me? Because it's nice to put smiles on other people's faces especially if they're your family! =)

Two B Two. Last semester, I was a totally irregular student. I had about seven different blocks and I was not that friendly. This semester, I am mostly with the block that calls themselves 2B2. They've been totally nice to me since June! But then things kinda changed when we became group-mates for a play. I mean, how can you not open up a little bit to people you have to practice with around two to three times a week? You start talking about s script and then get into talking about K-Pop and then random people and then you find yourself laughing to their jokes and stories. They make classes bearable and projects doable. 

I guess after talking and spending a day with some of them, I realized that people are still kinda alike. We all have dreams. We all like certain books, movies and music. We all crush on so and so. We're all human. So after getting over the oh-she-speaks-english-but-understands-filipino part, it's easier for all of us to get along. And hopefully I get to stay with this block for the rest of my stay in college. That would make things easier for me! 

Have not hung out with my usual gang for a good number of weeks now. After so much drama, Jani and I have learned how not to talk to people when we have so much on our minds. And sometimes it's better to shut up than to explain yourself over and over again to someone who chooses not to understand. Jani and I have been dumping our thoughts on each other and it has become therapy. It's also both a relief and pain to realize that I am the only one who can deal with whatever situation I am in and that no amount of talking about it with other people will make it their problem. I think when Jani and I came to that conclusion, we had this eureka moment! 

Good bye, July! 

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