Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is my nth attempt to try and keep a pubic blog alive.

For some dumb reason, I cannot get myself to last on other blogging sites. I gave up on WordPress because I couldn't understand the fine print. LiveJournal practically ate me alive. Friends have been trying to get me back on Tumblr. Seems that each time I start a Tumblr, I delete it the next day. Blame my memory for reminding me why I hate Tumblr so much. I find myself back on Blogger.

So while I wait for the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother to make its way to my laptop, I shall try my best to entertain myself on this new blog. I keep asking myself, 'Why do I need this blog when I have another one that is seven years old?' I just need a place where I can dump my thoughts and no one will care. 'Don't you already have a place where you can do that?' I ask myself. But this is different. Sure, I tell myself and roll my eyes.

I just turned 19 a few days ago. 'Ayusin mo nga buhay mo!' someone told me jokingly. How do you tell an adult that you cannot fix up your life? You cannot tell your life to stop being messy if that's how your life really should go. Ancient adults think that there's such a thing as fixing-up-your-life. People now know that there is only this-is-my-life-deal-with-it. 

So how messed up is my life at the moment? I've got red hair and people at church think I'm wild. Five piercings doesn't mean that a person is wild or that a person doesn't have faith. Got out of school in the mountains because I was totally unhappy there. Made it in some school in the city. Not a big deal really. There's talk that we're moving out of this valley and into some unknown place. I don't mind this messed up life as long as I turn out fine in the end.

 I will turn out fine.

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  1. You have a good way of writing and I love the way you stand up for yourself. I really admire people like you.